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Welcome to Virtual Forte


Hi! I am Jess and I'm your virtual admin secret weapon aka, Virtual Assistant (VA).


I am a motivated, energetic, and highly organised professional with a passion for empowerment, flexibility and work life balance. I have also recently contributed to a business book- Ignite.

Virtual Forte's mission is to find professionally skilled mums returning to work a fulfilling yet flexible role in which supports, and empowers them to thrive in motherhood and their career.


Equally this enables and empowers our clients to strategically focus on the key areas of their business and not those administrative tasks that take up their precious time.

I am so incredibly grateful to have worked as Virtual Assistant with a multitude of different clients across many different industries and I would absolutely love to find other working Mums' the right client for them.


Our team at Virtual Forte enables and empowers you to reclaim time, gain balance and achieve greater results in your professional goals. 


If you are thinking of becoming a VA or working with a VA please get in touch as I would love to discuss this opportunity with you further.


My experience:

I have over 20 years’ experience in Project Administration, Coordination, Management, Portfolio/Program governance, Delivery Assurance and Corporate event management.

As the Founder and Managing Director of Virtual Forte, I quickly identified where I could utilise my advanced organisation skills, professionalism, and experience to assist a multitude of clients across varying industries to improve and enhance their business operations and productivity.

I aspire to be an inspirational and positive role model for all of those around me. To lead by example particularly for my family and team members.


My key strengths are:

  • High level of professionalism, discretion and confidentiality with all data and information

  • Attention to detail, to ensure work is completed correctly the first time

  • Excellent time management and organisation skills, to meet fast moving requirements

  • Clear communicator with success in building/maintaining trust and strong relationships

  • Pro-active to deliver high quality results often within tight time frames

  • Confident to accept responsibility, take ownership and address issues promptly

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